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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Ada apa dengan CINTA??

Assalamualaikum  and hi to all,

Guess what...i feel so excited when i heard about Ada Apa dengan Cinta is coming back?
This is one of my favaorite film when i was in secondary school. Yup Indonesian film...but this film is full with LOVE. LOVE STORY yang only certain people will experience of it. If i were one the film adjudicators in Asean maybe throughout world wide, i will be commenting this film is one the great and amaizing love story.

To the Ada apa dengan cinta fans,

Do u still remember the poems in the film..

Dulu masa zaman sekolah, i was one of the fanatic fans of AADC.. ni cerita 12 years ago..Puisi rangga siap i jadikan performance masa kat sekolah.. trademark nye baca puisi sambil main gitar. when i remember these old story..memang kelakar. And because of this film.. dapatla i bercinta with seorang lelaki yang kita blh panggil cinta monyet.. his face sebiji macam Rangga.

Last time, he was in Form 5. and I form 2. bagi I students form 5 da pangkat macam abang bagi i. Nak dijadikan cerita, I noticed him sebab muke dia macam Rangga. But dia always lepak with Chinese student. He very look alike Malay typical Guy.. I was wondering kenapa dia always lepak with Chinese and Indian instead of Malay.

Dulu I was an active student and join marchine for Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah. and i  bumped into'Rangga' at school canteen. I pun pandang dia and dia pun pandang i.. Haizz...dah mcam filem ada apa dengan cinta plak. Masa tu i tak menaruh apa-apa harapan untuk berkawan dengan dia. tapi dia tegur i and nak berkawan dengan i and we changed contact number.He admit to me dia suka pandang wajah i. Ntah kenapa.Tapi dalam pikiran i , i rasa dihargai sebab a Chinese guy pandai appreciate wajah Malay girl yang typical macam i. And i dapat tau that he is actually a Chinese. And religion pun berbeza. I rasa okay je and we continued mcm biasa. Masa tu lah we started as a friend and being as couple. He was a nice guy. Bila kat sekolah dia hantar i masuk kelas. bila kat kantin dia belanja i makan. and semua student kat sekolah called us RANGGA and CINTA. . Tapi in other way around, i rasa tak selesa sebab his friends mungkin rasa pelik dia kawan with Malay girl. So i told him that it is better if we declared as friend and not as pasangan bercinta. We are still young and we have a long way to go. Just finish our studies first and maybe one day kita akan jumpa balik. Maybe dalam satu purnama? OMG..hehe.

After dia habis form 5, we have lost contact. And last day kita jumpa dia cuma bagitahu result SPM dia and I was not shocked he passed with flying colour and he was one of the best student in my school. I rasa sedih sebab dah tk dapat jumpa dia lagi sebab he said he accept Taylor's University offer to pursue his studies.

Until now, tak tahu dia di mana and what he s doing right now. If he know that AADC is back, mungkin dia akan ingat cerita kita. Yup memang cinta monyet bagi I , tp mungkin tidak bagi dia because when i told him that i only can be his friend, he seem disappointed.

I admit that i left him sebab we have diff religion and i jaga harga diri dia in front of his chinese friends. Hope impian u untuk convert to Islam tercapai walaupun bukan dengan I.

Chris Chan, wherever you are, I hope that you are doing fine. and i would like to thank you because u sudi jadi kawan i and jaga i masa di sekolah kita dah 12 years tak jumpa.and im sure kita semua dah cukup matang untuk kita gelak dan ketawa because 'cerita kita' dah kembali. Thank you Rangga for being one of the sweet memories in my life. Will always love u as a friend wherever you are.

Done with my love story, now i share with you pics of ACTOR AND ACTRESS of AADC . This is reunites and semua dah muka da berubah. haha. 12 Years ago kan. Hope this love story akan difilemkan dan bukan sekadar iklan untuk LINE.

Tata...See u...

#hubby no offence ok

Actor : Nicholas Saputra aka Rangga
Actress : Dian Sastrawardoyo aka Cinta

Film : Ada Apa dengan Cinta.

Monday, September 22, 2014

My wedding Photo 16/08/2014

Hi semua,

Those adalah my wedding photo which i think it was extremely awesome..

Me n myself telah selamat diijabkabulkan dengan my best friend,good friend yang sekarang dan jadi suami i... It is unbelievable.

My ceremony has been held on 16/8/14 solemnization also being held on the same day. I feel very blessed and what i have planned for my wedding was totally happened.

I feel very proud and awesome wearing this wedding dress from Ameera Mishael Wedding Boutique which is located in Bukit Indah Ampang Selangor. My hubby looked so charm wearing the wedding clothes.

I also feel good to share with you my wedding photo taken by Erwin Aszuwanni which i trust on his capabilities towards photography field. He was very professional during the scene and he put all his effort towards  our ceremony. I felt no regret cooperating with him and his crews and perhaps we could have the time together again , maybe our maternity photography... Hopefully.

I would like to thanks to all my family, my mama and my mak for being very supportive and helpful, to our relatives, friends and to those who keep praying our happiness to the moon and the back.

I hope for those out there will keep praying for us, until Jannah and up to heaven.
I hope that this marriage would change my life as a whole and make me appreciate what is actually the real meaning of love.

Thanks and see you again in the near future.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

new environment, new friends, new bf, new status, NEW NINA...


It is a tough day today as I 've been very busy since i'd changed to my new subject matter today obviously shows that its all new and i've changed to someone new.

New environment, friends, bf, status and NINA

I am very thankful to Allah SW.T for giving me the opportunity to feel rewarded. I admit that in some other way, I am not a very good person though. But You are always there for me, giving me a chance to continue and move on with my life.

I'm still surprised for what I've gone through for this past 2 years. I had the spirit and motivated by people surrounding me to pursue my studies in BBA and MBA. With God's willing, I was accepted as Government Officer which i had thought that it was not meant for me before.

I've met someone accidentally and he had proposed me after few years we known each other. Luckily, he is very understanding, relax, and the most important thing he accept me as the way I am. I am very comfortable with him, and until today I have no issues that can be drag on... We prefer 2 way communication so that each of us could express our feeling and thoughts and avoid to drag on any problems occurred.

We get engaged and being blessed by both families and no word can describe our feelings which I feel very blissful.

I feel blessed today because I have changed to someone new which I think it is a hard for me to get through until this stage. I have grown too strong after being dumped, insulted by a person that I love before. Alhamdullilah, it is a way of life, valuable experiences and precious moment for me to be a better person for coming future. I have never blamed anyone for what had happened , I guessed it is a test from Allah and its gradually come with gift that make me better person now..

What i can say now, I hope I will gain more happiness and blessed by Allah S.W.T ahead as I'm ready to be a good wife, mother, and as a Muslim.




Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Story of R.I.P Amanda Michelle sad.....

Yesterday, i heard a story about a girl hung herself because of mental depression and being bullied by online friend and schoolmates.please read this .....we share together . a young teen who lived in my province took her own life the other day due to severe bullying. she was bullied online and in real life to the point where others taunted and attacked her at her school. i just want everyone here to know that bullying is 100% not okay and it is wrong to cause hurt to others. whether it is physical, emotional, or mental abuse does not matter- it is abuse nonetheless and will not be tolerated. this is a human being who was tormented to the point of suicide. another thinking and breathing person just like yourselves, who had feelings and emotions, dreams and hopes, friends and family. would you want to be treated as such? obviously not- so why treat others this way? why would you want to express such cruelty unto another, and not kindness and respect? this is unacceptable, wrong, and totally inhumane. i will not condone or support bullying, especially on online networks such as tumblr where it is easy to threaten others anonymously. any hate sent to my blog will simply be deleted upon receiving, and i advise that everyone else do the same. do not give these people the satisfaction of knowing that they may have hurt you. it is my wish that whoever has been disturbed enough to send anonymous hate to others over the internet can resolve whatever mental problems they may have. it’s not right to bully others to make yourself feel good. to share love is what normally feels rewarding, and i hope that you will all realize this one day. and to anyone else out there who feels neglected, hurt, or looked down upon- please don’t feel upset. myself and others are here for you if you need someone to talk to. i feel extreme empathy for any human who has been hurt by another and i wish to replace those unhappy emotions with love instead. even in your most lonely moments, i can assure you that there are still people in this world that love and care for you, even if you feel the opposite. reach out and let others know what you are feeling so that they can help you. let whoever is teasing you know that it is NOT OKAY to express ANY kind of abuse to another being. your voice will be heard.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What happens recently.....

Good day to everyone... Still find time to write...taraaaaaa! free now. If you read my subject today , sure everyone unable to make any prediction what is actually happen recently....for sure lah right, because it take quite long time for me to write another stories... FYI, i asked my brother to do some changes and refreshment in terms of my blog design then as the result....i only see grey colour ma!!!!however, i really appreciate what my brother done since i forced him to do so... There are few stories that i would like write and share with you guys...(chewah....."macam nk berdebat plak "....) then i should start with something interesting lah... 19.09.2012 , I have been given opportunity from my employer to attend meeting with PERKESO Exec and employers from various companies.It supposed start at 10 a.m and i arrived there around 8.30...(alahai silap tgk jadual) hahaha....btway....let hear everyone say...." biar awal sampai meeting dari lambat "....i never feel regret because i woke up at 6.00 a.m to avoid from traffic jam...:)...from my view of opinion, even though the meeting was just a simple briefing and its actually can be read from the book given, but i was shocked and amazed with their participation with regards to the "soal-menyoal sesion"...further, i should give standing ovation to the PERKESO STAFF because they are simply the best and make me feel comfortable and understood the content of the meeting. Another story about new rules from Court. I definitely uncomfortable with new rules gazetted by Court.Since summon format has been practicing by all legal firms , they come out with Writ Summon format for Magistrate Court... the fee started with RM 50.00 has INCREASED TO RM 100.00 and then we are having difficulties when they announced to file the Writ Summons and Statement of claim separately and it is burdening us when it comes to matter of filing Judgment-in-Default and Certificate of Non Appearance before the mention date... (to all legal pratise ppl, google2 me kayh and INSYAALLAH i will help to share the new format by Court). Totally burdening us since i have to managed two companies simultaneously. Thats encouraging me to be more workaholic.I have been given the opportunity to managed another company which under the same boss for sure.since there s a lot of task and job need to be completed before the dateline , i got no time to think about others life, my car, my house, and love :(....sangat penat till got no time 4 rest....:( Before i off , i would like to end up my story with AL-FATIHAH to Allahyarhamah adik Yasmin J Hunwick..She has suprising left us after the incident whereby its such a bad accident untill she had broken her head. FYI, 'arwah' is known as a blogger and actually will be sitting for SPM this year. From my observation, she was a type of happy go lucky person and Pan-Asian same type with 'Diana Danielle'(celebritiy).After i read her blog before she left, she RECEIVED some SIGN and indication from Allah that she will left us soon. She read a BOOK TITLE '7 HARI DI DALAM KUBUR' and without giving much time, she suddenly left her family and friends and HOPEFULLY everyone will pray for her ... I am speechless until now and thinking what will happen to everyone who love me if the same thing happen to me......(minta dijauhkan kematian yg mengejut..) PLz everyone pray the best for each other and for those ppl u love....plz appreciate and spending more time with them since they are still alive......PLEASE....!.. End here.... See u in the next blog..... Bye-bye.......