Wednesday, January 8, 2014

new environment, new friends, new bf, new status, NEW NINA...


It is a tough day today as I 've been very busy since i'd changed to my new subject matter today obviously shows that its all new and i've changed to someone new.

New environment, friends, bf, status and NINA

I am very thankful to Allah SW.T for giving me the opportunity to feel rewarded. I admit that in some other way, I am not a very good person though. But You are always there for me, giving me a chance to continue and move on with my life.

I'm still surprised for what I've gone through for this past 2 years. I had the spirit and motivated by people surrounding me to pursue my studies in BBA and MBA. With God's willing, I was accepted as Government Officer which i had thought that it was not meant for me before.

I've met someone accidentally and he had proposed me after few years we known each other. Luckily, he is very understanding, relax, and the most important thing he accept me as the way I am. I am very comfortable with him, and until today I have no issues that can be drag on... We prefer 2 way communication so that each of us could express our feeling and thoughts and avoid to drag on any problems occurred.

We get engaged and being blessed by both families and no word can describe our feelings which I feel very blissful.

I feel blessed today because I have changed to someone new which I think it is a hard for me to get through until this stage. I have grown too strong after being dumped, insulted by a person that I love before. Alhamdullilah, it is a way of life, valuable experiences and precious moment for me to be a better person for coming future. I have never blamed anyone for what had happened , I guessed it is a test from Allah and its gradually come with gift that make me better person now..

What i can say now, I hope I will gain more happiness and blessed by Allah S.W.T ahead as I'm ready to be a good wife, mother, and as a Muslim.




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